These American-made pillar candles are the very best around because they're made with only the purest of oils instead of artificial ingredients. They also burn evenly and smell delicious! Americana Vintage pillar candles burn approximately 155 hours, but their work isn't over yet. You can break up the shell and use it in tart burners or as sachets in closets or dressers.


Available Scents

Sweet Herbs
There's nothing better than the smell of fresh-picked herbs. Our Sweet Herbs candle combines the fresh aromas of rosemary, thyme, sage, and basil with a subtle, floral fragrance.  Weight: 2 lbs.

Sweet Herbs Candle | 29.99 USD

Vanilla Bean
Enjoy the smell of fresh vanilla beans any time with this candle. Rolled in crushed herbs, our vanilla candle has a hint of cinnamon. Weight: 2 lbs.

Vanilla Bean | 29.99 USD

Weight: 2 lbs.

Lemongrass | 29.99 USD


Cabin in the Woods
A warm earthy scent of cedar with base notes of vanilla and musk is what you get with this candle. Bring a little of the outdoors inside your home. Weight: 2 lbs.

Cabin in the Woods | 29.99 USD

Fresh Pear
Do you like the smell of fresh fruit? This candle offers the wonderful aroma of a ripened pear with cool base notes of fresh greenery. Weight: 2 lbs.

Fresh Pear | 29.99 USD

Caramel Flan
Treat your nose to a mouth-watering combination of caramel, maple, French vanilla, rum, brown sugar, vanilla, heavy cream, and vanilla extract. This candle is perfect for anyone who loves sweet aromas. Weight: 2 lbs.

Caramel Flan | 29.99 USD

Lemon Parsley
This candle provides ripe, juicy lemons bursting with freshness and zing! Sprigs of kelly green parsley straight from the garden are added to the mix. Also available is Lemon Parsley Fragrance Oil, which is a citrus, herbal delight. Weight: 2 lbs.

Lemon Parsley | 29.99 USD

Apple Crisp
The aroma of a red juicy apple combined with buttercream, cinnamon, and a base note of a baked oatmeal cookie is what you get with this candle. It's also rolled in crushed cloves. Weight: 2 lbs.

Apple Crisp | 29.99 USD

Spicy Cranberry
Enjoy the smells of the Christmas holidays at any time with our Spicy Cranberry candle. This refreshing blend of cranberry relish and orange zests features hints of ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Weight: 2 lbs.

Spicy Cranberry | 29.99 USD




Ginger Fig
Family and friends will love visiting your home to enjoy smells such as Ginger Fig. We offer a wonderful ginger and fig scent in a grubby-looking candle. Weight: 2 lbs.

Ginger Fig | 29.99 USD